Directory Instructions

Central has decided to place its member directory online so that members can get information at any time or any place they have internet access.

Central is utilizing ChurchTrac for its member directory. When you click the link to the directory you will be redirected to Church Trac.

You will need to follow the instructions numbered steps.

  • 1. Create a Church Trac Account

    You will need an account with the ChurchTrac system to access the directory. This a separate account than the church’s website account. We recommend using the same username and password, so that you can easily remember them.

    To create an account click the Create an account link.

    Enter an email address on the next page, and then enter your details. ChurchTrac will then email you a temporary password to login with.

  • 2. Wait for approval

    Once you’ve created an account you will still not immediately be able to access the online directory. We will need to match your account with your name in our database. Please, be patient and we will get you added as soon as possible.

  • 3. Opt In for SMS

    Once you have access, if you want to receive SMS notifications, fill out the SMS opt in form.

  • 4. Install the “app”

    You can access the church directory from any computer or mobile device without downloading anything. You can also install the directory as an “app.” If you are interested in doing this check out the Installing the App instructions.