Erupt Youth Rally

ERUPT Youth Rally: Experience a youth rally like no other! 

Imagine your youth group in 32 miles of cave Singing praise in the The Volcano Room at Cumberland Caverns.  

Mark your calendar for the weekend of October 26-28, 2018 and join us!

Early registration is $35/person until October 14, 2018. After that all registrants will be charged $40/person.

You'll hear great  lessons fromGod's Word, and have the opportunity to view one of God's most beautiful creations.  

Limited housing available upon request.

2018 Erupt Schedule


6:00-7:00       Registration

7:00-7:30       Singing Jerry Elder

7:30-8:15       Let there be Light –Keith Parker               

8:15-8:45       Chandelier Singing 


9:00-9:30       Morning Wake Up 

9:30-9:45       Singing Jerry Elder

9:45-10:15     Lost in the Dark - Keith Parker 

10:15-10:30   Break

10:30-10:45   Singing Jerry Elder

10:45-11:30   Delivered from Darkness – Wes Ayers  

11:30-2:00     Lunch in Town

2:00-3:00       Lantern Tour Classes

3:00-4:30.      Games with Faulkner and Freed

4:30-6:30       Supper

6:45-7:30       Out of the Dark - Wes Ayers 

7:30-8:15       Johnny Magic

8:15-9:00       Singing Jerry Elder

Sunday 28  

9:00-11:00      Be the Light - Steve Hillis